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ultra filtration

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Ultra Filtration

Principal/Key Features

  • Filtration to the tune of 0.1 to 0.01 micron
  • Available in option of OUT–IN or IN–OUT
  • Available in materials like PES, PVDF & PS
  • Can be used in dead end filtration mode/cross flow filtration mode
  • Removal of most bacteria & viruses from water
  • Tolerance to Chlorine and so can be excellent for polishing of treated waste water
  • Excellent choice for domestic/portable water purification needs
  • Recommended solutions for pre-treated municipal water supply systems
  • Very high rejection rate for wide area of contamination
  • Very cost effective in long term
  • Membrane last for 3–7 years
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Major Applications Of UF

  • Pretreatment to reverse osmosis (RO) systems to reduce SDI<3 to 5 and enhance the membrane life
  • Post treatment as a polishing tool for fine filtration of treated effluent/sewage after sand and carbon filtration
  • Heavy metal recovery/precious metal recovery like gold silver etc
  • Excellent tool to meet the revised norms of environmental agencies/pollution control board/government agencies for existing systems
  • Drinking water supplies of city, municipal, townships and institutional


  • Good and consistent quality of treated water in terms of particle and microbial removal
  • Due to high recovery the water wastage is reduced to a great extent
  • Maintenance cost is low
  • Produce high quality feed water for RO systems enabling RO systems to operate at peak performance with reduced fouling and less cleaning
  • Enhance treated effluent quality from secondary wastewater treatment process
  • High solids tolerance is capable of handling high turbidity spikes and coagulant doses
  • Lower chemical usage over comparable systems